A SOLD-OUT wildlife photography talk has raised an extraordinary amount of money for two good causes.

Wildlife photographer and former explorer Conrad Dickinson held the event at Hexham's Forum Cinema earlier this week to raise money for two causes which were Hexham Rotary’s Emergency Disaster Fund and RPSPB.

The event was a sellout and Conrad delighted the audience with not only his photographic skills but the lengths he had to go to in order to capture the perfect shot.

Rotary president Norman Wicks said: “We absolutely marveled at the photographs but what came over as equally extraordinary was the time and effort Conrad put in to get the photograph he wanted.

"Often in arctic conditions, he would be sat hidden and motionless for hour after hour until the relevant animal came to the ideal location and position for a photo. Similarly, with local wildlife the message seemed to be “stay still and be patient”.

"I’m sure he was too modest to major on the skill needed on top of that. The photographs were breathtaking and many copies were sold afterward for this fundraising event.

"The event was not only a sellout but it was also a much enjoyed charitable event which raised over £4500 for Hexham Rotary’s Emergency Disaster Fund and Conrads chosen charity the RPSPB."