The North of England Mule Sheep Association (NEMSA) is reinventing its social media strategy with a series of breed-promoting features using live videos and drone footage.

The features involve farmers from across Northumberland, Cumbria, County Durham and North Yorkshire.

With help from Carlisle-based Herd’s Media, NEMSA has worked closely with the Suffolk and Texel Sheep Societies, along with Swaledale Sheepbreeders Association, to highlight different scenarios involving best use and best practice surrounding the breeds.

Willie Weatherson, NEMSA’s Northumberland Branch Chairman, has been a key front man in the initiative.

He showcased his first promotional video in the build up to the NSA North Sheep 2023 this summer.

The Hexham-based video highlighted the activities of six local farms.

NEMSA secretary Linda Allan said: "The YouTube channel will be a perfect platform to showcase all the videos and in many cases we are able to offer an extended version than the Facebook posts.

"The Channel will also feature highlights of the sales from both this and last year."