A CHARITY threw a 1920s-themed afternoon based on a hit television programme.

The Charlotte Straker Project, based in Corbridge, held a 1920s-themed afternoon based on the famous television show, Upstairs, Downstairs.

Helen Coombes, head cook at Charlotte Straker, coordinated the afternoon and staff and volunteers ensured the event was special for residents, dressing up as cooks, a butler, maids and a chauffeur.

Hexham Courant: Birgit in costumeBirgit in costume (Image: Supplied)

As well as the Upstairs, downstairs-inspired outfits, quizzes were played and the chauffeur drove around a handmade Charlotte Straker Rolls Royce.

Organisers thanked Kevin Beadle who came to sing as part of the afternoon. He was a huge hit, and everyone loved singing along to his music.

Hexham Courant: Cheryl Kennedy, home manager of Charlotte StrakerCheryl Kennedy, home manager of Charlotte Straker (Image: Supplied)

Residents had the following quotes: Birgit got up to dance with Kev and said: “I love dancing!” and Muriel said: “I love these songs”, Colin said: “I loved every minute of it – there was such a good atmosphere.”

Hexham Courant: Kev Beadle singing Kev Beadle singing (Image: Supplied)

John said: "The singer was very good. I liked seeing all the staff dressed up.”

Birgit loved the staff costumes: “Those aprons and hats are very funny!”

Margaret G summed up the afternoon and said: “It was marvellous, the music, the food and all the dressing up. Thank you to Helen for arranging it all.”