RESIDENTS have been left in shock and disgust when they spot hundreds of flies at the windows of a former bank building.

After being abandoned for seven years, the former Nat West bank building on Battle Hill has gained some unsightly guests - leaving many Hexham residents to wonder who owns the building and who can get rid of the insects.

Despite surviving a gas explosion in 1982, the Battle Hill bank closed on July 4, 2017, after the shock announcement in 2016 was announced that the site and four other NatWest branches were earmarked for closure across the North-East.

At the time, Nat West described the move as a 'difficult decision,' and stated that customers banking habits have changed radically over the last few years.

It was believed that transactions at the Hexham branch had been declined by 36 per cent since 2011.

Lucy Fraser was one of the residents who was passing through Battle Hill on a weekday as she was heading to work and spotted the insects at the windows and filmed it.

She said: "We were just shocked to see so many flies, to be honest.

"I know you can get infestations without it being something sinister.

"I posted it on Hexham Matters as I hoped someone might know more about it or whoever owns the former site.

Hexham Mayor Derek Kennedy adds: "A fly infestation is not the prettiest of sights.

"The building has been empty for some time and I guess this is what happens when a property is not looked after. "