A pair of loyal homebuyers has picked up their fifth property from North East based housebuilder Bellway in 47 years.

Retired civil servants Kathleen and Philip Varey, originally bought a Bellway home in Chapel Park, Westerhope, in the year they wed, 1976.

They've recently relocated to an Ottermead three-bedroom at Jameson Manor, Ponteland, after spending 44 of their 47 marital years residing in a Bellway property.

Post downsizing to a non-Bellway two-bed flat in Ponteland in 2020, the faithful pair decided apartment living wasn't for them.

The couple has a history of buying Bellway homes, having previously moved through detached properties in Wallsend, Cramlington, and Dinnington.

“We know what we like and we like what we know, and we like Bellway,” said the couple.

“We have lived in two other properties that were not built by Bellway and the finish was not up to Bellway’s standards."