Prepare to be dazzled as Paulus premieres his nostalgic musical tribute to Victoria Wood in Hexham on September 30.

The show, "Looking For Me Friend: The Music of Victoria Wood," celebrates the comedic genius of the late national treasure and will take place at the Queen’s Hall at 7.30pm.

Paulus, known as ‘The Cabaret Geek, and a notable face from BBC1’s All Together Now, wrote and performs the lively show.

It is directed by the accomplished cabaret artist Sarah-Louise Young.

The show promises fond memories for existing fans and offers a compelling introduction for newcomers to Wood's work.

Paulus said: "I think I was 10 years old when I first saw Victoria on television and, as she often said in interviews about the experience of saying Joyce Grenfell on stage standing alone and commanding the space, that very much spoke to me.

"It rung true to me straight away. In the 80s, Victoria's look on television was very androgynous. She chose to wear jeans, men's shirts, men's blazers, she had spikey hair like myself.

"I thought it was just tremendous to see someone on television who was playing their own game, banging their own drum especially on a channel like the BBC in a time when for me being different, being other, was hard."

Featuring many of Wood's beloved songs such as ‘It Would Never Have Worked’, ‘Reincarnation’ and the classic ‘Ballad of Barry & Freda (Let’s Do It)’, the performance also pays tribute to some of her deeper, lesser-known pieces.

Paulus shares the stage with the accomplished pianist Tom Guest.

Paulus has a long history with cabaret, boasting close ties to London's cult venue The Battersea Barge and running entertainment agency Excess All Areas.

He said: “When I'm doing the show, it's a joy too and I look to diminish any barrier between myself and the audience who are all there because they love Vic.

"They're not there to see me, it's not because they're my biggest fans, they are there because they love Victoria of course."

Tickets can be booked at or by phoning 01434 652477.