A Northumberland golf and spa hotel is gearing up to launch a ground-breaking golfing technology that will revolutionise the driving range experience.

This new addition, Toptracer, combines entertainment and skill improvement in one immersive experience, allowing players to visualise the flight and trajectory of their shots in real-time.

The installation of the Toptracer system at Matfen Hall is scheduled to begin on September 11 and will be fully operational by September 15.

Nicola Hawes, Matfen Hall’s golf manager, said: ”We have invested significant sums in this fantastic new experience to further augment what is already a stand-out leisure experience across our resort.

"Matfen Hall is dedicated to continually innovating to refine and improve the experience of visitors and guests. This is a further reflection of our commitment to exceptional leisure experiences for individuals and families.”

Toptracer offers a variety of engaging challenges and games suitable for all skill levels and audiences.

Families can enjoy friendly challenges with children with games such as 'Go Fish!' and 'Points Game', while more competitive players can partake in the 'Approach Shot Challenge'.

The technology allows golfers to access to crucial real-time statistics, such as distance covered, and even offers the option to play on renowned golf courses virtually, adding even more fun to practice sessions.

With the addition of Toptracer, Matfen Hall is aiming to elevate its golf offering and position itself as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts who are looking for both recreation and improvement.

Nicola said: "Matfen Hall is committed to delivering a high-quality golfing experience, and the addition of Toptracer aligns perfectly with that mission. This cutting-edge technology empowers our guests to not only improve their game but also enjoy a range of interactive games that cater to all ages and skill levels.

"Whether you're competing with friends or working on your technique, Toptracer adds a new layer of enjoyment to the sport.”

To discover the future of golfing at Matfen Hall, interested individuals can visit the hotel's website at https://matfenhall.com/golf/ for more information and to make reservations.