Grow Hexham has launched a Facebook page to help distribute a surplus of locally grown vegetables.

The Hexham Town Council project, which has been promoting local food growth since its initiation in March 2022, aims to ensure everyone in the community has access to fresh, local produce, even if they don't have a garden of their own.

Its recent Facebook initiative, the 'Hexham Fruit & Veg Share' group, allows members to post about surplus produce for others to pick up and utilise, free of charge.

Grow Hexham co-ordinator Amy said: "We saw the success of local facebook groups like Re-use & Recycle, and Hexham Plant Swap, so we know there's an appetite in our community for sharing and swapping.

"We thought, maybe that could work for locally grown food too?

"Hexham is the perfect place for this sort of project because we already have loads of people growing food, and the community is close-knit enough, and geographically small enough to allow for the sharing and swapping to be easy."

The introduction of the Facebook group follows a bumper harvest, which, thanks to a wet summer, resulted in a plethora of courgettes, beans, and potatoes.

Not wanting any of these delicious goods go to waste, Grow Hexham set up the Facebook group to ensure excess produce could quickly find a new home.

Since its inception, Grow Hexham has also encouraged help from local growers to supply the Hexham Community Grocery with surplus produce.

This enables customers to buy fresh, local foods as part of their weekly shopping, at very affordable prices.

In addition to the Facebook page and donations to the grocery store, Grow Hexham encompasses a bevy of community-directed initiatives such as a garden sharing scheme and tool share & repair shed.

The aim of these initiatives is to create a circular economy around food and gardening equipment, and reduce waste in the community.

For Hexham residents who lack garden space, the town council match-makes them with garden owners who aren't utilising their space.

To learn more about this initiative email or visit their Facebook page at to start participating in the local growing scene.