ONE of the UK's 'most tranquil spots' is located in Northumberland.

Dilston Physic Garden, based near Corbridge, was listed in The Guardian as one of the UK's best tranquil spots among lakes, mountains and ancient woodland.

Hexham Courant: The garden's shop and visitor admissionsThe garden's shop and visitor admissions (Image: Supplied)

The two-acre garden boasts more than 800 European medicinal species and describes itself as 'a dedicated enterprise for education and scientific research on the use of medicinal plants for health, medicine and the mind'.

Hexham Courant: The garden in winterThe garden in winter (Image: Supplied)

The director of Dilston Physic Garden, Dr Nicolette Perry, said: "We are absolutely thrilled to be named one of the most tranquil spots not only in the North East but in the whole of the UK. It's vital people know how important it is to get outdoors to relax and to benefit from sunlight, fresh air, and exercise."

Hexham Courant: Artwork in the gardenArtwork in the garden (Image: Supplied)

Elana, a 20-year-old volunteer, has worked there since 2022.

She said: "We encourage people to visit to enjoy a tranquil place to wander, relax and unwind in, and to learn the medicinal uses of plants that are a much-understudied sector." 

Hexham Courant: Views in the gardenViews in the garden (Image: Supplied)

Elana added the garden has an educational aspect by offering workshops and courses.  

"The garden is here to inspire children into these forgotten medicines, as well as for them to experience a more diverse range of nature at a young age. The garden offers so much potential for everyone of all ages. On a more important scale, it gets people involved in encouraging plant life and ecosystems in the fight against global warming."

Hexham Courant: The garden features contemporary artworkThe garden features contemporary artwork (Image: Supplied)

Dr Perry added: "Scientific research now proves that all these things are good for our mental and physical well-being. And of course, there are many medicinal plants that can bring tranquillity, from chamomile, lavender and sage to valerian, saffron and St John’s wort.

Hexham Courant: The garden attracts various wildlife and insectsThe garden attracts various wildlife and insects (Image: Supplied)

"When these are taken as plant medicine they are shown as effective as mainstream drugs to lower stress and tension and improve sleep, memory, and mood, and they carry few if any side effects such as addiction. Dilston is a very rare place to admire and learn, and to be surrounded by a wonderful community – we welcome volunteers.”