A TYNEDALE breeder is offering an extra hand for doggy-mums-to-be with a new service.

Dog breeders Emma and Mark Bone, who also own Bellingham dog grooming spa, have decided to launch their own 'doggy doula service' to offer whelping service to dog mums in the area.

The service was the brainchild of Emma, who has a love of breeding and years of exeprience.

In addition to this service, the newly named 'Bellingham Dog Services' now offers pregnancy ultrasounds, microchipping for puppies, and ultrasonic dental cleans for all ages of dogs.

Speaking about the new venture, Emma said: "We are really excited to get out and about in our local area and help deliver some beautiful new puppies into the world. 

"It can be a very daunting time for dog owners, so we hope that by having us on board, in the dog's own home, we can provide an experienced support network.

"The services do not omit the need for a vet when the going gets tough, but we can identify common birthing issues and know when to call the vet."

To contact Bellingham Dog Services for a free, no-obligation quote on 07835357538 or on Facebook and Instagram - Bellingham