WE asked our readers what their favourite childhood memories of growing up in Hexham were. Here's what they said.

Carolyn Goodwin said: "In 1981, I sang Mozart's Requiem in a four-part choir from QEHS in Hexham Abbey with Terry Atkinson conducting. Some of the Northern Sinfonia Orchestra were accompanying us. I was 14 years old and absolutely loved it."

Mark Bowman said: "Watching the Queen on Beaumont Street can't remember the year. We all went with the school."

Lee Dodd said: "The Queen coming to Hexham Abbey we were on guard in the Cubs."

Carolyn Goodwin replied and said: "1974, it was the year the Phelps organ was installed in the Abbey and the Abbey was 1300 years old."

Linda Laws said: "Having my hair cut at Donald's of Mayfair, I thought it was very posh, I think it had a little fountain in the reception area."

Jasper Green said: "Going to Robb's when it was around."

Maria Eleanor Clark said her favourite memory was Tynedale Retail Park.

Colin Appleby mentioned Flatmans Sweet Shop while Mary Toth said: "Going to my grandma's house."

Gaz Williamson said: "Donny's what a place."

Paul Robbie said: "Big shop to Prestos and a visit to Nichol and Laidlows for a pie."

Graeme Gilhespy said: "Murray's pop delivery wagon every Friday morning."

John Connolly added: "Rabbit casserole made by my Nana."

Pamela Robbie said: "Going for scotch pies at the bakers on the back street. Also Woolworths."