RESIDENTS feel 'trapped' in their own homes after a property service fail to fix a broken lift for two months

Kingston Property Service, which runs Windsor Terrace an over 60's sheltered accommodation in Corbridge, has upset residents after failing to fix a lift in the building of 30 flats over two floors for several weeks.

The building is for those who have mobility issues and picked the accommodation for the use of the lift.

"It has been awful," One of the residents, Brian Haydock,68, said.

"I know alot of people even myself have even cancelled appointments as we really struggle on the stairs.

"I can easily go down the stairs and take the bins out but it is a struggle going up again with shopping or anything else.

"One of the main reasons I chose this accommodation was because of the flats as the building is for over 60's and it was the selling point for me.

"I have been here for four years and every resident puts money towards a 'reserve fund'  for administration and the property service adds to it as well.

"You would think with a lift that is over 40 years old that they would be prepared for it to break and can replace it.

"It is frustrating being told that the reserve fund that we put £250 a month into will not cover a replacement. But Kingston has told us there is only about £12,000 in it and they have been quoted more than £60,000. 

"There was a thought about a stair lift but it won't work in the flats.

"A lot of people who live here cannot sell their flat until it is sorted, as the building is only for over 60's. Most of my neighbors are in their 80's and 90's who need the lift.

"We just want it sorted."

Hexham Courant: Windsor Court, CorbridgeWindsor Court, Corbridge (Image: Rightmove)

A Kingston spokesperson said: “We appreciate residents’ concerns and are keeping them informed of our efforts to get this matter resolved as soon as possible. Detailed correspondence has been issued to all owners regarding the current situation.

“We’ve received quotes about the cost of repairing or replacing the lift at Windsor Court which is old and we are also looking at other alternatives to support residents in the meantime.

“Unfortunately we can’t fit a stairlift as the stairwell won’t accommodate it. A house manager is employed on-site to assist residents when they need help and support.

“We appreciate their patience and will continue to keep them informed with the full details as we look to resolve this matter which we know is concerning for them.”