Two local farmers, Carron Craighead and Angus Nelless, have participated in a photographic research project about cows, sheep, and sustainability.

Carron, who farms near Ponteland, and Angus, who farms near Longframlington, joined the project along with other livestock farmers from around England and Wales.

Throughout October, the group took photos that aimed to convey their personal farming experiences.

The farmers have decided to share some of their photos on the Farmer Voices website.

The research project has been guided by Philippa Simmonds. She said: "I consider myself more of a city person, and working with this group has taught me a lot about the realities of farming life. It was also a lot of fun- it’s rewarding when someone who’s normally quite quiet and stoic is really proud of their photo, and there’s a whole story behind it.

"Using this research method allowed us to talk about sensitive topics together and uncover some of the difficulties the group experience, especially in terms of feeling misunderstood by the non-farming public.

“I think we’re seeing more nuanced conversations about food and farming happening now. There’s less blaming individuals, and more focus on the politicians and companies who have the power to deliver a fairer and more sustainable food system”.