CAKES, a dog agility course and a meet and greet with different animals will be waiting for visitors at a rescue charity's open day.

Members of the public will be able to have a free tour around Pennines Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary as they open up their gates, for the first time, on Saturday, August 5.

The event will be on Blackcleugh Farm, in Carrshield near Hexham which is home to 150 animals of about 20 different species and will run from 10am until 6pm.

On the day, there be a tombola, a stall selling all sorts to help raise funds for the charity and coffee, tea as well as soft drinks will be on offer in a little makeshift cafe.

An agility course will also be set up both for dogs and children to try out their skills and there is hope for a trampoline to be set up.

The rescue's newly aquired tractor, baler, mower and other farm machinery will be on display.

Owners Jojo and Anthony Johnson said: "It is our first open day and we are very excited.

"We are not sure of how many will turn up on the day but there is a lot of interest but I suppose it will depend on the weather. 

"Visitors can come and have a look round the farm and see the type of things we do to care for our animals.

"They can also meet the Silloth pigs, our two mules Cookie& Franjo, the island boys (alpacas), our peacocks, turkeys, eagle owls, kestrels, tawny owls, macaw, chickens, ducks, geese, cats and dogs.

"Parking will be on one of our fields but is not suitable for sport cars, coupés and the likes as you will need to get up and down a farm track with a few potholes and into a field.

"However, normal cars are fine and will be able to get up& down without issue.

"Alternatively, park at the top road near our gate and walk up which is 1 mile and mostly uphills.

"Hopefully we will see many of you on the day."