A new podcast series, launched by The Great Northumberland Forest, is offering insight into how farmers in Northumberland are creating woodlands on their land.

The podcast series, hosted by Mark Child, the project manager of The Great Northumberland Forest, features guest speakers from various farms in the region, including Westhills Farm in Rothbury, Middle Coldcotes farm near Ponteland, and Low Newton Hall Farm near Alnwick.

In the 10-minute episodes, topics such as agroforestry, planting for nature, wetlands, and planting in small areas are discussed.

It explores the benefits of adding trees to land, such as increasing biodiversity, improving soil and water health, and reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

Glen Sanderson, Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate Change, praised the podcast series.
He said: "This new podcast series is a very informative resource for land managers and gives first-hand experiences about how trees are benefiting areas in the county.
"Being a farmer myself, I understand the challenges of modern farming and balancing this with greenhouse gas reduction."

The Council has made a commitment to increase tree coverage across Northumberland.

Those interested in adding trees to their property or seeking assistance for tree restoration can contact The Great Northumberland Forest Team on enquiries.forest@northumberland.gov.uk

To listen to the podcast on Spotify, visit: https://nland.cc/GNFpodcast