A TECHNICAL issue at the county council means some people who applied to the  Warmer Homes scheme may not be registered correctly.

Northumberland County Council is asking residents who applied to the Warmer Homes scheme between May 2 and June 16 and have not had a reply to re-submit their application, as a technical issue may mean you might not be registered correctly. 

No personal details have been compromised as no information has been able to be submitted due to a link error. This means no data has been received or stored on the system. This also means the council is unable to identify those affected. 

Households can check their eligibility and apply at https://nland.cc/warmerhomes. 

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said: “We always endeavour to provide the very best services and apologise for the inconvenience this has caused a small number of our residents. 

“Our teams have thoroughly investigated the issue and this has been corrected.  

“I would urge any residents who have applied within this time frame to re-apply to the scheme as there is still plenty of time. The last thing we want is for you to miss out on this opportunity to make your home more comfortable and affordable.” 

The County Council is supporting Government-funded programmes to provide energy efficiency upgrades and low-carbon heating solutions to eligible homes in Northumberland to help households keep warm, become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. 

The Warmer Homes scheme incorporates the Green Home Grants Local Authority delivery (LAD) and Home Upgrade schemes (HUG) which are part of the Government’s sustainable warmth strategy. 

Eligible homes will receive an assessment to determine which measures are most appropriate.