A LIVE music venue, micro-bar and former medieval malting floor (where barley is spread to be malted) is up for sale in the town centre.

The Vault, based at 22-24 Hallgate in Hexham, is up for sale by the current owners Ben and Karen Haslam.

Having run the business for approximately six years, Mr Haslam said 'it's a great thing to have done'.

His main profession is as an artist and runs the successful art gallery above The Vault, known as Haslam's of Hallgate.

"We're ready for someone with bounding energy to take on the venue.

Hexham Courant: The Vault's micro-bar transforms into the performing spaceThe Vault's micro-bar transforms into the performing space (Image: The Vault)

"It's a very difficult thing to let go of, but we've come to the decision to hopefully put it on to someone who will continue where we left off and make something really exciting of it.

"We opened the gallery in 2008 and then in 2017 having acquired the building, we renovated The Vault and turned it into a high-quality performing arts venue.

"If we can sell it to any group, individual or even a charitable trust would be fantastic to take it on and keep the ethos going around supporting grassroots talent," Mr Haslam said.

He said The Vault offers something unique to other venues.

"We can offer training to people who want to enter the arts or music, music production, songwriting as well as performance and give them that experience.

"We have a capacity of 60, we have an intimate setting where people come to listen to performances, whether that be grassroots or famous professionals. We offer fantastic service throughout, with beautiful sound, presentation and we pay a good salary to our musicians and our staff to support the arts as an industry.

"We schedule events and we have an audience far-reaching beyond Northumberland. We get people coming from across the country and abroad to see our gigs."  

There is a microbar for The Vault to be run as a bar or cafe during the day, and Mr Haslam said the ideal new owner would have a passion for music, interest in hospitality and 'entrepreneurial flair'.

"It's really exciting when you have a gig and it's packed out, it's a really satisfying thing to see you've achieved that as a business owner. It gives something very cultural back to the community, it's a great feeling." 

The Vault will keep running until a new owner is found.