Plan Watch Walk has been established to promote the joy of the outdoors by offering free resources that focus on regional walking in the North East of England.

Organiser David Steel says that the program was introduced about a year ago to motivate people to get walking in the outdoors and to make it easy for everyone.

Plan Watch Walk provides features such as each walk having its own blog page, full walk descriptions, routes, start points, and maps supported by Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping and GPS systems.

The website also undertakes equipment reviews.

The YouTube channel Plan Watch Walk provides fully edited videos of each route, a fly-through of the route, and equipment reviews so that people can get a better understanding of the journey ahead of them.

With Plan Watch Walk having a number of partnership deals including Northumberland Coast Path, Go Outdoors, and Ordnance Survey, the perfect opportunity is here to launch into the great outdoors.

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