ASTRONOMY moves indoors in a new series of Virtual Stargazing events.

Families are invited to participate in astronomy on Hadrian’s Wall as The Twice Brewed Planetarium at The Twice Brewed Inn launches Virtual Stargazing events.

Hexham Courant: The Planetarium has reclining deckchairs and beanbags The Planetarium has reclining deckchairs and beanbags (Image: Supplied)

Having opened earlier this year with a popular programme of planetarium shows, the team at The Twice Brewed’s latest attraction are welcoming guests to enjoy real-time stargazing, even when it’s light outside.

Hexham Courant: The Planetarium is situated in the heart of Northumberland Dark Skies ParkThe Planetarium is situated in the heart of Northumberland Dark Skies Park (Image: Supplied)

Situated in the heart of Northumberland Dark Skies Park, the outdoor stargazing sessions at the pub naturally need to be later in the evening during the summer months.

But late nights and young children rarely go hand in hand, meaning some families are missing out on the opportunity to explore the universe.

Hexham Courant: Wil Cheung, resident stargazer at The Twice BrewedWil Cheung, resident stargazer at The Twice Brewed

Resident stargazer at The Twice Brewed, Wil Cheung, said: “When the nights are lighter for longer, families often struggle to stargaze because younger children aren’t able to stay awake late enough for the skies to get dark.

“Now we have the planetarium, as well as our busy programme of outdoor events, we’re also able to offer virtual stargazing, which allows people to enjoy the wonders of the night sky before the dark skies draw in.”

Hexham Courant: The Planetarium's stargazing eventsThe Planetarium's stargazing events (Image: Supplied)

The planetarium’s Virtual Stargazing sessions, which last around one hour, offer interactive and educational experiences for astronomy enthusiasts and novices.

Visitors can navigate the night sky in real-time, zoom in on specific objects, and uncover hidden details about the cosmos.

Whether it's identifying stars, locating famous constellations, exploring distant galaxies and planets or unravelling the secrets of the Milky Way, those who make themselves comfortable on the planetarium's range of reclining deckchairs and beanbags will be immersed in the universe.

Wil said: “People are blown away when we tell them we can conjure the sky from a particular date, whether that be someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary or another memorable life moment.”

Each Virtual Stargazing session includes a planetarium show – From Earth to the Universe, which offers a tour of the universe and invites people to soak up the science behind the Sun, travel through Nebulas, get among Saturn's rings and more.

He said: “The virtual stargazing is also ideal for walkers who have spent all day walking the wall and are looking forward to some great pub food in The Twice Brewed and an early night."

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