Prudhoe Rainbows group could be closed permenantly if a new leader or leaders are not found.

The urgent search comes after the news of current leaders Emma Kennedy and Geraldine Huxter stepping down from their position due to personal reasons.

The group has been running for ten plus years for young girls ages from four to seven years old.

Without the group, the girls could be a waiting list for a long time to be accepted in to Brownies group,which they can only be in when they reach seven years old.

"It feels like we are letting the kids down by stepping away," Geraldine said.

"Emma and myself have enjoyed our time as Rainbow Leaders.

"We have both gained our five and ten yers Long Service Awards.

"We found it very rewarding working with the young girls and watch them grow and develop.

"It helps them communicate with each other and we teach them important life skills such as cooking.

"Most of the girls who come have learning disabilities, so it is a safe space for them. 

"Right now we are doing sessions online - which is no good for them or developing their skills.

"They need the personal interaction.

"I have ran the group for a long time and would have loved to have carried on but it is not possible with my health.

"Rainbows has always been in my blood. My mother, sister and aunty loved their Rainbows groups - so I am sad to leave and cannot do it anymore.

"We really need someone as soon as possible to ensure the group can continue otherwise there is no other place for the girls to go."

Parent Jonathon Webb shares his concerns about the potential closure. He adds: "‘Rainbows has been fantastic for my daughter.

"She has loved working towards her badges, going to meet her friends, and learning about the world in which we live.

"It would really be a shame to see the group close after all the hard work they have put in. Unfortunately the leader needs to be a woman otherwise I would do it myself."

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