ARTIFICIAL intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has proved hugely popular since it launched late last year.

A form of generative AI built by US firm OpenAI, it has become an online sensation because of its ability to hold natural conversations but also to generate speeches, songs and essays.

It uses information from the internet to carry out requests and has been trained on back-and-forth conversations so it is capable of understanding follow-up questions, admitting its own mistakes and limitations and rejecting inappropriate requests.

Although chatbot technology like this is not new, ChatGPT is rare in that it was made widely available for the public to use and experiment with.

As a result, it was quickly being used to fulfil unusual and very specific requests, with often impressively accurate results that were shared online.

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Word of the bot’s ability to create long, detailed answers on often niche subjects quickly spread, sparking debates around the power, usefulness and potential dangers of such technology.

We thought we'd put it to the test by asking it to write a poem about Hexham, and this is what it came up with...


A serene and historical Hexham,

A town of beauty, peace and charm,

Where many a building old and grand,

Filled with stories, rich and grand.


On the banks of the River Tyne,

Along the cobbled lanes entwine,

The ancient town of Hexham,

Stands proud and strong, 'neath skies of grey.


The Market Place, the cobbles shine,

A lively atmosphere divine,

A visit to Hexham is sublime,

To linger in its olden time.


The Hexham Abbey, a sight to behold,

A place of peace and worship old,

The history that lies within its walls,

Will fill your heart with wonder and awe.


The air is fresh, the views so grand,

The locals friendly, a helping hand,

In Hexham, a place to explore,

A wonderful place to be, and more.


What do you think about it?