CARDS and gifts store Clintons on Fore Street in Hexham has closed.

A sign on the door states the store was closed and Mayor Derek Kennedy said: "It is sad to see another shop close on the high street, leaving another empty shop visable.

"I just hope someone will take the chance and opportunity to create another business from it.

"It just shows how ever changing the high street is and what thrives and doesn't."

Hexham residents have also had their say in what they think about the closure.

One said:"[Are] there any shops left in Hexham?! What a shame!"

Agreeing with the first statement, Raymond Hall adds: "[It is] becoming a ghost town! Will be moving at first opportunity."

Phil Coates believes there could be a solution to businesses closing.

He said: "I think we need to think outside the box. Perhaps get the council to buy these properties and charge below market rents then also make business rates a percentage of the profits."

Ray Bather is indifferent to the close, as he said: "I’m sad at losing another shop, but not Clintons.

Sarah Thompson agrees with Ray and said "[It is] no surprise really! There won’t be any shops in Hexham soon!"

Reflecting on the past, Daphne Threadgold-Reay said:"Such a shame when I think what a vibrant shopping town it was when I worked there."

Diane McClarron Elliot agrees and adds:" [I] Think it’s terrible … nothing in Hexham to look around at now 

Claire Davison discusses how the empty shops on the high street now will have an impact on the town.

She said: "I very rarely shop in Hexham can’t get basic items anymore. Such a shame, if I was a visitor to Hexham I’d be horrified it’s so run down very sad!"