A Crufts champion received a VIP welcome at a local vet practice.

Hadrian's Veterinary in Hexham rolled out the red carpet to welcome four-year-old Millie the Cockapoo.

Millie triumphed in the Novice Cup Final in the agility section at the world’s most famous dog show last month.

After her triumphant return home to Haydon Bridge, she visited Hadrian Vets with owner Graeme Murphy to show the practice team her cup.

Vet Paulina Cudzilo welcomed the local hero to the practice, which has agreed to sponsor some of her healthcare to keep her in the best possible condition.

Graeme will now proudly wear the practice’s logo on his T-shirt while competing all over the UK in dog agility competitions.

Paulina said: “All the pets who visit our practice are very special to us but we’re proud to have a Crufts champion as a client as we were all rooting for her.

“Millie is a lovely dog and Graeme is a very caring owner who keeps up with all her care and treatment, so it was lovely seeing them at the practice to congratulate them on their success – and give Millie a big pat.”

Head veterinary nurse Jenny Glass also added: “The team was thrilled at Millie and Graeme’s success. We’re very proud to have played a part in her success by helping to keep her in good health and condition.”

Graeme, who runs a joinery business in Haydon Bridge, took up dog agility when Millie was a year old because she had so much energy.

While the boisterous youngster didn’t take to agility straightaway, she now loves the chance to tackle jumps, tunnels, tyres, and weave poles.

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They have now reached the top grade in dog agility and will be competing against the best dogs in the UK.

Graeme said: “Millie really enjoys dog agility, and gets so excited during competitions.

"I bought her to go hiking in the Lakes and never dreamed she would become a Crufts champion.

“She loves visiting the team at Hadrian Vets and always gets a warm welcome. I’ve always used the practice for my dogs and they help me to keep her in good condition with routine care.”