Rescue services were pleased to find a solution to access a difficult route to help a patient.

Two mountain rescue teams were called to assist the North East Ambulance Service with a medical emergency on the banks of the River Tyne downstream of Haydon Bridge.

When they arrived, they were cautious of the route to access the patient.

A spokesman said: "Due to the difficult-to-access location, our skills and specialist rescue equipment were required to evacuate the patient to the nearest access point for a crewed Ambulance.

"Local volunteer members arrived at approximately the same time as the crewed Ambulance and helped to locate the patient below a steep embankment close to the river.

"Whilst the Ambulance crew and then the Hazardous Area Response Team provided medical care to the patient, an evacuation route was identified and a winter weight casualty bag, stretcher and a wheel were prepared for use.

"Once sufficient resources were on scene, the patient was evacuated to Woodshield Farm and handed over to the crewed Ambulance shortly before 20.00hrs.

"The incident involved 24 Team members for 2 hours 35 minutes."