WE asked our readers which restaurants they miss most in Hexham. Here's what they said.

1 Fortinis

Beryl Steel, John Cody Doherty, Samantha Burns, Jo Clark and Claire Louise all said they missed Italian restaurant Fortinis.

Hexham Courant: Readers missed Italian restaurant FortinisReaders missed Italian restaurant Fortinis (Image: Pixabay)

Maria Skerritt said: "Vincentino cooked the best spaghetti bolognese ever."

2 The Cafe Roma

The cafe used to be on Fore Street in Hexham before it closed. 

Stephen Laverick said: "The Cafe Roma on a Saturday afternoon," as both Terry Sim and Paula Dodds both mentioned the cafe.

3 Robbs Cafe

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Kereena Hardle said: "I know it's not a restaurant but how about the café that was inside Robbs when Robbs was open there. I used to love going there when I was a child with my auntie and my nanna."

Jo Clark responded and said: "I used to meet up with my nanny there on a Saturday. We loved it there."

4 Diwan E Am

The Diwan E Am restaurant served up Indian cuisine from its Priestpopple base since 1983, founded by the Raja family from Bangladesh.

Hexham Courant: Readers missed Indian restaurant Diwan E AmReaders missed Indian restaurant Diwan E Am (Image: Pixabay)

Emma Marshall and Rachel Manley reminisced about the Indian restaurant, while Maria Skerritt said it was 'an amazing restaurant'.

Samantha Burns also said she missed Diwan-E-Am.

5 Knights Cafe

Hexham Courant: Readers missed Knights' pie and peasReaders missed Knights' pie and peas (Image: Pixabay)

Ann Ireland said: "Knights Cafe, I used to get pies and mushy peas there with my grandma in the 1950's."

Dawn Teasdale also said: "I miss Knights' pie and peas on a Saturday."

William Charlton described the cafe's pies as 'lovely'.

7 Venice Cafe

Ian McDonald mentioned Venice Cafe.

8 Thai House

Ross Breen recalled Thai House, located next to the Indian restaurant Saathi on Priestpopple.

9 The Garbo Rooms

Michelle Webster recalled The Garbo Rooms.

10 Perfect Pantry 

Will Bowman said he missed the breakfasts at the Perfect Pantry.

Also mentioned by readers were Charlie's Cafe, Argyles, Frank and Bird, La Famiglia, The Pine Kitchen and Mallones Sandwich Shop.