A COUPLE have been getting used to their new-found fame - and are meeting up with some new-found friends - after an appearance on TV.

Danielle and Michael Hudson, owners of Fountain Cottage Cafe and B&B in Bellingham, were amazed of the support and phone calls they received during and after they appeared on Channel 4's Four In A Bed.

The couple received full payments from other couples, which placed them second in the competition.

"As the show was on the phone never stopped," Michael said.

"Danielle manually takes care of all the bookings and she hasn't stopped since the show was on.

"We're so proud of receiving full payment - the value we place on our business was matched by others in our business so that makes us happy.

"When it comes to the overall scores on the show, to receive thirteen 10s, one 8 and one 9!

"Almost perfection. We couldn't be prouder.

"The show was filmed in the Easter holidays 2022 over two weeks and it was long, with a lot of travelling.

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"But it wasn't anything like we expected and was a real eye opener into the making of TV programmes.

"Luckily we got on well with the other couples and at times we forgot we were on a TV programme or in a competition because we all had a great laugh.

"We took our girls back to Skegness to The Hatters and Paul popped in for a coffee and chat only a couple of weeks ago.

"We've all arranged to meet in September as well."