ORGANISERS of a community cafe have hailed its successful official opening after it welcomed a large crowd.

Renew Oasis Prudhoe in the Parish Hall on Front Street 'officially' opened its doors earlier in the month to help community members meet new friends after feeling isolated during Covid-19.

The community venture is described as a welcoming space with a moto of its 'OK to not be OK' and was set up by local churches working together.

The Renew Oasis Prudhoe meets weekly on Tuesday 1pm until 3.30pm and offers free tea, coffee and cake, games and activities.

Rev Pete Jorysz, who chairs the management team said: “Local church leaders had been discussing how local churches could offer support to people who were struggling coming out of the pandemic and this venture seeks to actively encourage good mental health and well-being."

It was formally opened by Gwyn Mckenzie of Transforming Communities Together (Tyne to Tweed), a charity that had helped support setting up the Renew space.

Prudhoe councillors Gerry Price and Christine Cuthbert also attended the cafe launch.

The pair jointly commented and said: "We are fully supportive of the absolute need for venues for people to be able to get together and converse in relaxed company.

"We would want to expand support, there are many residents across the generations who really need companionship and friendship."

Gordon Stewart also attended and adds: "I am delighted that such a valuable service is located in the town centre, offering a unique way of supporting local people."