Business owners Michael and Danielle Hudson are looking forward to seeing the final cut of a popular show they took part in together.

Michael and Danielle, owners of Fountain Cottage Cafe and B&B in Bellingham, will appear on Channel 4's Four In A Bed, which starts on March 13 at 5pm.

"We are big fans of the show and when the opportunity came to be on it - we could not say no," Michael said.

"It will be great to showcase Northumberland to the nation.

"We have been watching it for years and it even helped us prepare to open up our own B&B - so we hope we have taken the right notes."

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"It has been hard for us over the last three years as we opened the business in January 2020 and three months later we had to shut down due to Covid.

"We bought the old library as we saw it had a lot of potential but nothing could have prepared us for the pandemic."

After surviving the lockdowns and pandemic, the couple is now battling the rising cost of living and cost of food.

Michael adds: "It is so expensive now for a tomato which is silly but by taking part in the show, it helped us take a break from everything.

"We were the first to host the other couples and it was really exciting but also worrying.

"Of course, we were nervous as we did not know what to expect but after our time we were able to relax and enjoy visiting other businesses.

"At the end of it, we were pretty exhausted after the two weeks of filming so it was nice to finally go back home and see our two little girls.

"It was also nice to relieve our staff who had held the fort while we were away.

"We cannot wait for everyone to see the business on the show and hope it can bring more people to Northumberland.

"It is so nice to join other B&Bs who have been on the show and show off more Northumberland locations on TV."