NEARLY a thousand trees were planted to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and improve biodiversity.

A team of 15 volunteers and three from Protect Earth planted around 800 British sapling trees on a smallholding farm north of Haydon Bridge, over the weekend of February 11 to 12.

Hexham Courant: Planting trees near Haydon BridgePlanting trees near Haydon Bridge (Image: Protect Earth)

Protect Earth is a reforestation charity that helps plant the right trees in the right place, working with local climate action groups and volunteers.

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It works with landowners and farmers all over the UK, to help them plant unproductive land to sequester carbon and improve biodiversity. Doing this helps wildlife, helps the farm, and puts a dent in the climate crisis.

Hexham Courant: After the saplings were plantedAfter the saplings were planted (Image: Protect Earth)

The plan was to create a few pockets of woodland in the corners of the fields, which are joined up with hedgerows to provide a wildlife corridor. These woodlands will sequester carbon, and protect the sheep in the fields from the harsh wind on this hilltop farm.

Volunteers came from across the North East and the farm family got stuck in too. "The weather stayed good, all the volunteers worked well, there was coffee and flapjack so we got all the tasks done within a day," said one volunteer.