AN MP is 'pleased' with the news that there will be an extension of a speed survey on a dangerous road.

Hexham MP Guy Opperman has met with Department for Transport Minister, Richard Holden MP, and has secured a further speeding assessment of the dangerous stretch of the A69 between Bardon Mill and Henshaw.

Following the meeting with the Roads Minister, National Highways has committed to undertake a further speed survey which concludes in April 2023.

Mr Opperman believes this achievement comes after a long campaign working with Henshaw Parish Council and Bardon Mill Parish Council.

The campaign started after the anger of residents who believed that part of the road was not prioritised by National Highways.

This was when they had undertaken work to inform the installation of average speed cameras on the A69 in 2020 and missed out on the road between Bardon Mill and Henshaw.

After the work of the National Highways, Mr Opperman, Bardon Mill Parish Council, and Henshaw Parish Council continued to campaign for the stretch between Bardon Mill and Henshaw to be given additional safety measures to ensure a tragic accident does not occur.

In late 2022, Mr Opperman met with Mr Holden to raise his serious concerns over the safety of the A69 between Henshaw and Bardon Mill.

Mr Opperman also took Northumbria Police’s Chief Constable, Winton Keenan, to show the area of concern.

Mr Opperman said: “The stretch of the A69 between Henshaw and Bardon Mill needs attention. It is a real concern for local people because of excessive vehicle speeds – all evidence shows there is a link between excessive speed and the risk of collisions.

"Following our long campaign, I am pleased we are being listened to by National Highways, who are undertaking a further speed survey on this dangerous stretch of road.

"My thanks to the Roads Minister and the Chief Constable at Northumbria Police for taking an interest in this serious matter for my constituents.”