A power supply company promises to 'compensate' some households who had no power on Christmas Day for over 12 hours.

UNDER 2000 households in Hexham were affected by a power cut on Christmas Day, with some not having power until early Boxing Day Morning, more than 12 hours later.

Northern Power Grid (NPG) announced on Twitter that 1965 households in Tynedale had been affected.

Although they were able to restore power quickly to some households, some did not have power until 12:15 am Boxing Day Morning.

NPG have confirmed they will contact individuals for any compensation needed.

A spokeswoman for the NPG said: “At around 10.40 am on Christmas Day a fault on our network caused a power cut for around 1,965 customers in the NE46 area. 

"Our teams successfully restored 1,750 customers’ supplies in around 20 minutes by switching electricity through alternative routes on our network.

“Some 216 properties remained off supply and following further switching we were able to restore most customers by 7.40pm that evening.

“To get the remaining 39 customers affected back on supply, our team organised generators and connected them.

“We updated customers about what we were doing to restore their supplies and we are sorry for the disruption caused to their day.

“In line with industry guaranteed standards, we are proactively contacting those customers who were off supply longer than 12 hours to coordinate compensation.”