A NEW adult's art club will begin next week in Hexham.

Ellie O'Mahony is 22-years-old and moved to Hexham with her boyfriend around four years ago.

She set up a technique-based art club for children around two months ago, called Art club with Ellie.

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She said she decided to set up an art club for several reasons.

Hexham Courant: Ellie's art suppliesEllie's art supplies (Image: Art Club with Ellie)

"My stepdad passed away suddenly at the start of the year and not long after my mam did too.

"It was hard to get back on my feet but thankfully I had a lot of support around me and going back to work was helpful, especially because of how incredibly distracting kids can be.

"Summer passed and money was tight after all the time off I'd had to grieve so I started looking for a side job but nothing came up."

Hexham Courant: Ellie's art suppliesEllie's art supplies (Image: Art Club with Ellie)

Ellie said she and her partner came up with an idea to start a club of her own.

She said it made sense to teach art, having done art her whole life and achieving a fine art degree in 2020.

"At first it was going to be a crafty club, cutting, sticking, but after some research I realised this niche was filled and overflowing really. My partner had the brilliant idea that I should attempt teaching art skills to kids.

"Give them the knowledge and skills to become an artist, for kids who were already enthusiastic but wanted to know more. I looked for a venue and found the lovely Green Bee in Hexham.

"Every Saturday we have a two-hour session where we go over a particular skill or set of skills related to creating art and by the end of the session we've usually made something with the skills we've learned, whether it be painting, sketching, shading.

After posting on Facebook about the club, Ellie got messages from people asking whether she had an adult art club, something she didn't realise was wanted in Hexham.

"It took me a couple months to sort the logistics out and now I've found the venue, it's on its way to be up and running by next week. The adult art club is for absolutely anybody over the age of 16 who would like to join a community of artists once a week to create and chat (and enjoy some hot drinks and sweet treats).

"I have lots of equipment to use from card and paper to glue guns and acrylic paints but everyone is welcome to bring their own stuff from home.

"It will be held in the Torch Centre on a Wednesday from 10am until 12pm. It's usually £15 per session but I'll be doing a discount for the first session at £10 each."

To get involved, go to the Facebook page Art club with Ellie.