BELLINGHAM Parish Council is making inquiries about the possible provision of a skate park in the village.

Following a request from a young resident, the council is canvassing the opinions of local children to see if they would use such a facility, after the half pipe provided on the Fairstead some years ago fell into disuse.

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It was suggested that a small skating area could be established at the bottom of the Jubilee Field, to complement play facilities there.

Bellingham Parish Council comprises nine members of the community and provide their time, effort and resources.

They serve and make decisions on behalf of the village and aim to keep everyone informed about important issues and projects.

The county council is being asked to take steps to improve the footpaths between the doctors' surgery and Riverdale Hall Hotel.

The surgery has written to the parish council expressing concern about the safety of the path from its premises down to the Jubilee Field, which is said to be hazardous because of poor lighting and overhanging bushes.

The path from the Catholic Corner to Riverdale poses similar hazards, as it is slippery with autumn leaves, and is also in urgent need of resurfacing.