HEXHAM'S annual firework display at The Sele on Saturday, November 5 was a huge success with thousands of people attending the event.

The future of the firework night was secured as Hexham Rotary Club, in association with the Lions, Mountain Rescue, golf club members, Hexham Town Council, Hexham 41 Club and many others enabled nearly £10,000 to be collected on the night.

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Andrew Rigg, from Hexham Rotary Club, said: "The money raised will allow next year's fireworks to be purchased and the plan for 2023 is that stalls, glow band sales, music and even the bonfire will happen again."

Hexham Courant readers reacted positively to the news, with many congratulating the hard work and efforts of those involved.

Sandra Phillips-Dinning said the news was 'awesome', Paula Hall said: "Great news," Catherine Ann Batey said: "Fantastic news," and Stephnie Fathers said: "Wonderful news."

Sophie Nicholson commented: "Well done Hexham."

Sarah Brown said: "Wow amazing," and Hon Corbett added: "Fantastic, well done."

Stephanie Paisley also said: "Great news."

Amanda Simmister said: "Wow this is absolutely amazing well done."

Tom Cowing said: "That's brilliant."

Hazel Barclay attended the event, and said: "It was brilliant!"

Margaret Thorburn commented: "Great news hope the bonfire will also be back."

Alison Armstrong added: "Hexham without a firework display would be so sad.

"I spent every bonfire night on The Sele as a child, a mother and a nana.

"Just like my nana, the late Winny Logan off Old Winless Close, my mam and then myself and my bairns and their bairns too.

"A lifelong event it would have been so sad if it ended after all volunteers had done for years.

"I hope that this bonfire night will stay with all like it always has been respect to all involved past and present and to all who made their donations," Alison said.

Bryan Davison said: "Great news, well done everyone."

Roger Higgins said: "That's great news. The pay-by-text was a good idea too."

Becca Meikle said: "Looks like it is on next year," while Bill Moulding said: "Congratulations to all involved."

Natasha Watson said: "I wouldn't have gone anywhere else Hexham always blow it out the park."

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