HEXHAM'S firework display at The Sele was a huge success with thousands of people attending the event.

Hexham Courant: Round Table fireworksRound Table fireworks (Image: John Cody Doherty)

The future of the firework night has also been secured as Hexham Rotary Club, in association with the Lions, Mountain Rescue, golf club members, Hexham Town Council, Hexham 41 Club and many others enabled nearly £10,000 to be collected on the night.

Hexham Courant: The Sele fireworksThe Sele fireworks (Image: John Cody Doherty)

Andrew Rigg, from Hexham Rotary Club, said: "We were all delighted that, despite there being only a few active Round Table members involved with the organisation of the event this year, so much money was collected.

Hexham Courant: The Sele fireworksThe Sele fireworks (Image: John Cody Doherty)

"This will allow Hexham Rotary and other partner organisations to organise and deliver the fireworks again next year, and hopefully for years to come. Our thanks go to all the visitors who were so generous in the bucket collection."

Hexham Courant: Fireworks on The SeleFireworks on The Sele (Image: Supplied)

"Counting went on late into the night on Saturday. The money raised will allow next year's fireworks to be purchased and the plan for 2023 is that stalls, glow band sales, music and even the bonfire will happen again.

Hexham Courant: The Sele firework displayThe Sele firework display (Image: Adam Metcalf)

"Thanks go to Hexham Round Table, and in particular Andy Laidler and his colleagues, for the organisation of this year's fireworks. Several other ex-Round Table members have been helping with the firework night for over 50 years."

Round Table also raised a considerable sum through text donations which they plan to give to local charities.

Hexham Courant: The fireworks on The SeleThe fireworks on The Sele (Image: John Cody Doherty)

Hexham rotarian Ben Herden, who was one of the team involved in counting the donations, added: "The Club thanks all those who donated so generously. But there were a few other surprise donations when the team got counting on Saturday evening.

Hexham Courant: The Sele fireworksThe Sele fireworks (Image: John Cody Doherty)

"These included various denominations of Euros, two supermarket trolley tokens, some US dimes, various coins from South America, a sixpence, an earring, Polish coins, a mint, an Austrian schilling, a few washers, a coil of wire, some Deutschmarks and a Flex US guitar plectrum. Unfortunately, it was too dark to re-unite any of them with their owners."

Next year's fireworks event is planned to take place on Saturday, November 4.