A STOCKSFIELD ice cream parlour will stage its last ever nativity.

Wheelbirks Parlour first held its popular Christmas play in 2011.

This year's live nativity will raise money for Yellow Wellies Farm Safety Foundation which supports the next generation of farmers between the ages of 16 and 40 with their mental and physical health.

"Everyone's having to tighten their pockets", said parlour manager Lucinda Richardson. " But it's also important in this day and age, to try and think about other people.

"Farmers have got one of the highest rates of suicide; for 2020, there were 45 suicides of people working in farming in England and Wales, and 34 farm workers lost their lives at work according to the HSE fatal injuries in agriculture UK.

"A lot of young men and girls have mental health struggles, and they're trying to make it ok for young farmers to talk about it.

"Part of their work is preventing suicide and the other half is to prevent accidents. 

"Farming is one of the most dangerous places to work. There was a horrendous amount of people killed during Covid because people were at home on farms.

"The charity go around farms talking about how they can make it safer."

Attendees will enjoy a home-cooked meal in the parlour before the outdoor performance exploring the true meaning of Christmas.

There will be two showings on the evenings of December 14 and 16.

Tickets are available from November 8.