HEXHAM Town Council has awarded Hexham Farmers' Market with a business Environmental Award. 

The award was presented by Hexham Mayor Derek Kennedy on Saturday while the Market took place.

The Farmers' Market is held twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturday, and ensures all producers come from within a 50 mile range of the town.

It has been running for more than 20 years.

Hexham Courant: Peter Samson, Farmers' Market managerPeter Samson, Farmers' Market manager (Image: Newsquest)

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Peter Samsom, Hexham Farmers' Market Manager, said: "The directors of Hexham Farmers' Market and I were absolutely delighted to be presented with the Mayor's Environmental Award for 2022, which came as a complete surprise.

"The Mayor Derek Kennedy presented the award at the market on Saturday, October 8 which allowed us to share the excitement with our producers and some of our customers, as both are absolutely vital in making the market a success. 

"It's great to receive recognition for the work that we all put in to bring locally produced food to Hexham on a regular basis and it's lovely to know that our contribution to the Town is appreciated," Peter said.

"We really appreciate getting this recognition from Hexham Town Council, we have co-operated successfully and that includes the Council having regular stalls at the Market so people can talk to their local councillors," he added. 

Mayor Derek Kennedy said: "We have worked closely with the Farmers' Market over recent times and worked together to successfully celebrate the Market's 800th anniversary. Sustainability is important to us and this award recognises that the produce and the traders are from within the region. Hexham is a market town and we are proud of what has been achieved."

Suzanne Fairless-Aitken, Councillor for Hexham East, said: "Hexham Town Council was pleased to bring back the business Environmental Award.

"Peter has worked so hard over many years, and throughout lockdowns, to make the Farmers' Market sustainable with local suppliers of home-grown produce, from the yummy curries to the beers and the ethical farmers and their cheeses and meat products. Not forgetting the visitors who flock here specially to shop at this award-winning market. Long may it continue," she said.