A group of young farmers hopes to raise money for charity by selling some eye-popping calendars.

Stamfordham Young Farmers Club, a club open to all young people aged 10-26, who have an interest in rural life, decided to do something different to raise money for charity - 'The Stamfordham Strip calendar' - to stand out from the usual charity funding and pleas for donation.

The current secretary of the group said: "It all began when so myself, Jess, the chairman and Hannah, the upcoming secretary and a couple of members were having a meeting in the pub.

"We were trying to think of a good fundraising idea but thought that we should do something different as parties are always done and sponsored walks are old news.

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"Then we thought 'how about just what about an almost naked calendar?'.

"Soon after we discussed it, the plan was set in action.

"We did about 5 different shoots to get all the photos.

"Although we did have a few problems before we started it.

"At first lots of people were keen but then as we started organising it people dropped out.

"Thankfully we still had plenty of volunteers keen to do it.

"Each of our months has a different sponsor.

"In September, we released our calendars on pre-order which has shown that they seem to be popular.

"The price of the calendars is £12 each or £20 for 2 and the money will go to MacMillan and Maggies Newcastle."