A SHOP owner is concerned about her future and is encouraging customers to buy local.

Yvonne Bentley, who goes by YvyB and is from Prudhoe, is worried about the future of her art studio in Mickley after opening it last year.

Although she is not closing yet and is not planning to close - she wanted to highlight issues many business like herself is facing.

"I opened in May 2021, just out of Lockdown," YvyB said.

"It's a month by month ongoing thing and the problem has several factors such as economic climate, which is unpredictable, and rising fuel costs.

"I'm not giving up just yet as this has been a lifelong dream but at some point I will have to make some serious decisions.

"I just want to highlight the struggles I face as a small buinesses and if people don't come then sometime possibly in the future it will be done.

"It is a situation of use it or lose it."