A pensioner is appealing for the person who smashed her window to come forward after she had to pay more than £350 for a new one.

Lesley Robson has lived in her house on Hallstile Bank, Hexham, for thirty years and has never had any issues.

But she is now furious after a group of youths threw a sign and smashed her window at around 1am on Wednesday, July 27.

"I was upstairs and heard some people come down the street," Lesley said.

"It sounded like someone was on a skateboard but later it turned out to be a small sign dragged on the floor from the hairdressers up the street.

"A few minutes later I heard the sound of glass smashing. Then I listened to the group run away.

"It did not occur to me that it was my front window until I had gone downstairs and looked out the front door.

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"I was furious when I saw the window smashed. I thought the police would come immediately, but I only got a phone appointment on Friday.

"Luckily, I could call a window business to come out and board up my window in the early morning hours, which was replaced by a new window later that day."

As well as being furious about the smashed window, she was upset she had to shell out hundreds for a new one.

She said: "I had to pay £356.54 - not just for the window but to get them to come out in the early hours.

"That money could have gone towards something else.

"We now come to expect this sort of behaviour, and there is not much we can do, but you would expect someone to go and apologise for doing something wrong.

"I don't know if the house was the target or if they were throwing the sign and it accidentally slipped their hands then hit the window.

"I want them to come and apologise but also give them the bill so they can pay for their mistake."