HEXHAM: Mr Richard Byron, non-material amendment (change approved materials from stone to blockwork with stone coloured render on north and south elevations) on approved application 20/02178/FUL, 10 Garden Terrace, Ref. No. 22/02576/NONMAT

HEXHAM: Mr Martin O’Connor, discharge of condition 18 (contamination verfication) and 19 (unidentified contamination) on approved application 20/03048/FUL, McDonald’s, Unit 2, Hexham Gate Retail Park, Ref. No. 22/01962/DISCON

PONTELAND: Mrs Gemma Richardson, demolition of existing garage at rear of property and construction of a new, single storey pool house as an extension to the existing house, construction of a new first floor to the existing single storey part of the existing property at the rear and construction of a new garage to the front of the property, 64 Darras Road, Darras Hall, Ref. No. 22/02513/FUL

PONTELAND: Vodafone Ltd And Telefonica UK Ltd, Ref. 240279/ COM-0017173 - removal of 3No. antennae at 16m to be replaced with 3No. antennae at 16m of an updated design with associated ancillary equipment, removal of 3No. RRUs and 3No. MHAs, installation of 15No. ERS units on existing poles behind antenna, installation of 3No. CTIL combiners on existing support poles, installation of GPS node at 3m on top of gantry pole, internal alterations to existing cabinets and addition of ancillary and attaching equipment, communications mast, Ponteland new te, industrial estate, Meadowfield, Ref. No. 22/02694/MISC

PONTELAND: Mr Allan, single storey extension to side and 1st floor extension to rear over existing flat roof, 18 Sandringham Way, Darras Hall, Ref. No. 22/02376/FUL

SHOTLEY LOW QUARTER: Mr & Mrs S Pittendrigh, proposed conversion of existing garage to residential annex, garage and land at Unthank House, Ref. No. 22/01594/FUL

STOCKSFIELD: Sharon Benson, variation of condition 2 on approved application 19/01679/FUL in order for the changes made to the rear and west elevation window and door openings (retrospective), The Rowans, 21 Painshawfield Road, Ref. No. 22/02547/VARYCO

SLALEY: Mr & Mrs Coxon, certificate of lawful development - proposed use for construction of outbuilding to house swimming pool, Low Bridges, Lead Road, Ref. No. 22/02500/CLPROP

WHITTONSTALL: Mr John Irving, proposed extension to existing vehicle crossing and driveway behind, Goose Green Cottage, Ref. No. 22/02393/FUL

WYLAM: Mr Horsfall, single storey rear kitchen/dining room extension with flat roof and glazed skylight. Pitched roof over existing first floor extension to rear. Amended Scheme, 23 Falcon Terrace, Ref. No. 22/02515/FUL