COMPLAINTS have been made by the public about the one-way system introduced at the B6305 Hencotes road in Hexham.

The one-way system was put in place on July 25 to continue until September 2, during the summer holidays while footway repairs and drainage works are completed.

A new pedestrian crossing point will be installed.

Northumberland County Council said its Highways Team have spoken to local residents and businesses regarding the works.

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Due to the one-way system, traffic has to divert and travel in a westerly direction, from the junction with Beaumont Street heading west.

Hexham Courant: The diversion routeThe diversion route

Among the complaints were those saying it was inconvenient, causing traffic congestion and costing drivers more for fuel.

However, others said more people driving cars in the town was the bigger contributor to congestion.

Hexham Town Councillor and County Councillor Suzanne Fairless-Aitken said: "It's going to be fabulous, after all the potholes and loose paving reports the council have had over the last two years of neglect, it's about time Hexham got some attention.

"It's also been beautifully timed for minimum disruption over the summer holidays too," she added.

"In response to wasted fuel, traffic lights are not the solution as idling at a three or five-way system wastes just as much petrol," she said.

Hencotes will be fully closed for surfacing works from August 30 to September 2, between the hours of 5pm and midnight.

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said: "The one-way system is for the installation of a traffic safety scheme and the later three-day closure is for surfacing works."

"Due to the width of the road, it has been necessary to install a one-way system which has created a diversion for traffic in one direction of about three kilometres. 

"We are aware that this diversion will cause some disruption and apologise for this inconvenience, however the traffic management system is necessary to carry out the essential maintenance work.  

"We have programmed the work for the summer period when peaks of traffic in the morning and evening are reduced," the spokesperson added.