Children are being encouraged to take part in a bookstore's treasure hunt as something to do during the summer holidays.

Claire Grint, owner of Cogito Books, has launched the annual activity featuring the popular puzzle book characters 'Wally' and 'Woof' from 'Where's Wally'.

Adults and children alike can pop into Cogito to pick up a search list. Each Wally holds a letter which together spells a mystery phrase.

Once all the Wallys have been found, completed forms can be handed back in at Cogito and entered into a prize draw. The winner will be announced in September.

"As this is our 21st year in business it felt only right that we should have 21 Wallys hidden around the town," Claire said.

"What really struck me this year is that we have had no trouble at all finding wonderful independent shops for them to hide in.

"It is incredibly positive for Hexham as a town that we have so many thriving independent businesses.

"We’ve had quite a few children taking part already.

"It’s lovely to see them having the confidence to come in and request a form and the pride they take in completing the challenge."