A man has leaped at a chance of owning his own business and swapping jobs despite only having a few months of experience.

24-year-old former Electrician Alex Noble, from Wark, has taken over the former David B barbers on 13 St Marys Chare Hexham only a few months after graduating college.

“I just decided during lockdown that I wanted to change my job,” Alex said.

“I had a good job and it was bringing in good money but it wasn’t my dream.

“So and I thought why not change it now?”

“After Covid restrictions lifted, I was able to gain some experience in Gateshead.

“They did offer me an apprenticeship but I decided to do night school while I continued to work.”

After Alex finished his course at night school, he had some decisions to make - what to do next?

Alex adds: “After I finished my course, I was asking around all the local barbers to do an apprenticeship - something close to home.

“No one was taking any apprentices on, so I continued to look around.

“Then by my surprise, an article about David B Barber closing popped up. It was perfect and close to home - so without thinking about it too much, I was keen to find out more about it.

“Luckily, one of our family friends Lyn, worked there before it closed, so we messaged her to ask what was happening with the shop.

“From then she was able to put me in touch with David, the former owner.

“It was his last few weeks before he was closing, so he invited me to come over to discuss it.”

Soon after discussions, the plan was set in motion for Alex to take over the business.

On the week of his 24th birthday, Alex received the best present - he was going to get the keys to his new barber business.

Reflecting on the process, Alex said: “Since talking to David about the shop, it has all been a little bit of a whirlwind.

“Especially as I jumped into this opportunity with hardly any experience and a few months of passing college.”

“I am so grateful for David, as he was great when I called him and whenever I needed help with the application to lease the property and anything else.

“He is also leaving everything inside; mirrors, seats, so it will be ready for us to open on July 25.

“In the next week, I hope to put my new logo up on the window, give the outside a little bit of new paint.

“Thankfully, we are also having our family friend Lynne Newton stay on which will be great as she can help teach me things I did not know and become a better barber.

“Lyn keeps making me laugh by telling me that we will learn from each other, so I am sure we will be fine.”