A young boy has amazed and shocked friends, family, and teachers with his paintings displayed around his hometown.

11-year-old Ethan Lawson, of Prudhoe, used to tell his parents that he wanted to be a pilot after his parents bought him model aircraft paints - his artistic side began to show.

Making his parents think he has a hidden talent that could change his mind about his future career.

“He always told us he wanted to be a pilot but it seems to have changed after we bought him an airbrush kit a few months ago,” His dad Steven Lawson said.

“We have always supported him when he told us about his career choice and we began to buy him model aircraft which he would paint.

“This has then changed recently as he has now started to work on a canvas instead of on tiny models.

“He has only been using the airbrush kit for a few weeks and the artwork he has produced is amazing.

“We had no idea of his talent. He has a natural artistic ability.”

Ethan’s parents noticed how proud he has been of his work and thought it should be shown around the community.

Steven said: “He was showing his friends, some of our neighbors, and even his teachers.

“They all thought it was brilliant and always told him.

“We thought it would be a shame to have them just around the house, just then a few days later, we saw something about the Prudhoe art trail and enquired about it to our local Cllr Gordon Stewart who was able to point us in the right direction.

“Ethan then went to meet the organiser and together they were able to pick out a few art pieces to put around the town.

“We are very proud of him and amazed at his work.

“It has an amazing quality to it - it is like a professional has done it.”

“We are continuing to support his work and talent but we are currently having our garden renovated, so we have even bought him his own studio - well a storage unit which has a desk and chair in it.

“He loves it and spends many hours it concentrating on his work.

Speaking about his own work and achievements, Ethan adds: “I think it is brilliant that I have had a positive reaction about my artwork.

“I am very proud of myself.”