A SCHOOL club presented a project on protecting homes from flooding at an exhibition in London last week.

The Weather and Climate Club from Corbridge Middle School were invited to present their project on 'How can we stop our homes flooding?' at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, on Thursday, July 7 and Friday, July 8.

The eight Year 7 girls took two model houses along to demonstrate how features such as rain gardens, water butts, ponds, green roofs and swales can slow the rate of surface flow following heavy rainfall.

Hexham Courant: The Weather and Climate Club at the London exhibitionThe Weather and Climate Club at the London exhibition

The Royal Society is one of the most prestigious scientific establishments in the world and 14 schools from across the UK took part in the Young Researcher Zone in the exhibition promoting cutting edge research. 

The club's science teacher, Dr Meryl Batchelder, stated: "Flooding is becoming more common as global warming causes the atmosphere to become hotter so clouds can hold more water. This can lead to heavy rainfall events."

She said because urban areas have lots of concrete and asphalt, rainwater is unable to soak into the ground, and excess water can cause flooding.

Hexham Courant: Students at the exhibitionStudents at the exhibition

The team have worked with academics from the National Green Infrastructure Facility in Newcastle University, as part of an ongoing Partnership Grant project supported by the Royal Society.

Members of the club, being 11 or 12 years old, talked to hundreds of visitors, academics and fellows of the Society over the two days.

Dr Batchelder added: "These young students developed a huge range of skills preparing and attending the exhibition, they have become incredible science communicators."

Hexham Courant: Students with members of the public visiting the exhibitionStudents with members of the public visiting the exhibition

As citizen scientists, the pupils will continue monitoring heavy rainfall events with their weather station.

Mrs Brown, Headteacher of Corbridge Middle School, added: "We are so very proud of the wonderful bravery, knowledge and resilience shown by our students when engaging with hundreds of visitors across the exhibition.

"This was such an incredible opportunity for these young scientists to raise awareness of key issues for current and future generations and I simply could not be prouder of them. Well done!"