TOWN councillors were delighted to disappoint vandals as they found a new place for a music event.

Hexham Town Coucil were able to continue the weekly band sessions at the weekend despite the news of vandalism of the bandstand in Sele Park.

The band session had to be canceled as a council groundsman, a few days before, spotted and then found that there had been damage to the electrical support system.

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After the vandalism had been spotted, the County Council and Town Council were notified as soon as possible and the bandstand has been cordoned off with police tape.

It is thought that the bandstand may be out of use until further notice.

A spokesperson for Hexham Town Council said: "We are sorry to disappoint those who vandalised the band stand and tried to stop our bandstand session.

"Luckily after we found out about the vandalism, we were able to find another suitable venue.

"Thankfully despite not being at the bandstand, over 200 people still joined us for our event.

"It was great to see and that the vandalism did not stop the event.

"We are really glad that we were able to continue our music sessions but look forward to being back at the bandstand when it is fixed.

"It is such a shame that some people want to spoil others fun and enjoyment."

The town council also reports that this was not the only vandalism in the town, as the Quatre Bras allotments were also reported to have been damaged.

Hexham Mayor Derek Kennedy said: “It is disappointing to learn of vandalism at the bandstand and at Quatre Bras allotments.

"We have been aware that seating at the bowling Green had suffered damage and replacements are being sort by county council.

"We have alerted the Police and ask people to be vigilant and report any issue immediately to the Police.

"We will not put up with such bad behaviour in our town.” 

The free bandstand sessions commence every Sunday between noon and 2pm starting on Sunday June 19 until the August 28.