Two lads have been praised for rushing to a driver's aid after a serious crash before emergency services attended the scene.

17-year-old Lewis Hayman and Matthew Carter, 29, who work at Handy Andy Car Wash, have been hailed heroes afterthey ran to help an injured man who was involved in a serious crash on Tuesday, July 5 on the A695 near the Low Prudhoe Industrial Estate.

The pair acted quickly as they were able to apply pressure on the wounds of the man before ambulances attended the scene.

Lewis said: "Matthew and I were just working about one o'clock when we heard a loud bang on the bypass.

"We shut the shop quickly and went over to see what happened.

"It was then that we saw the car upon the arrival of the scene.

"I told Matt to get a first aid kit and then we started first aid covering his arm with bandages and his chest too.

"We did this until the police and other services arrived.

"There was also an older man who was talking to the man trying to calm him down but I, unfortunately, don’t know his name but he deserves praise as well."

"I knew what to do as when I was in cadets, first aid was one of the main things we have done on multiple courses including the first aid at work course."

"Work has been great by supporting us after the incident."

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Owner Paul Fullwood said: "Matthew and Lewis work for me at Handy Andy Car Wash.

"Even though I was away from the site, I had a call advising me what had happened.

"They are both very young, with Lewis who just turned 17 years old and I believe this is something no one so young should go through but they still ran to the scene to help.

"I can’t stress enough how proud I am of those two.

"These lads are heroes."

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Cllr Gordon Stewart agrees and said: "Their quick reaction to this tragic incident had a very positive impact upon the casualty, until the professional teams arrived, well done and thank you."