Council planners have defended their 'redesign' of a flow system despite the public insisting they were not told about the plans.

Residents have been left in confusion after new road markings have appeared at Hill Street and Princes Street near the Co-op in Corbridge.

The new changes are that hill street is now a “give way” with Princes Street having right of way access, despite the public being used to it the other way round. They are also concerned about not being informed it was happening.

One resident John Rutherford said:  "I saw them first on Sunday and thought why did they need to be there they were only going to cause more congestion on hill st.

"I think it took everyone by surprise.

"I certainly didn’t know that they were being but down and like I said I don’t see why change a road system that has been in place for as long as I can remember with no problems I can think of.

"I can’t see how putting a junction there would stop that they still have to go around the corner. The town hall buildings did get damaged once but changing the give way wouldn’t have stopped that happening."

Defending the actions of the new design, a spokesperson for the NCC said: "The changes at Hill St/Princes St are to resolve the problem of HGVs turning left from Hill St into Princes St and getting stuck in the narrow road.

"There have been several occasions where HGVs have damaged the adjacent buildings.

"HGVs are prevented from turning left and are signed to the right via an alternative route.

"It was decided to change the junction priority to help enforce this arrangement. I.e. it will force motorists to consider their next move rather than automatically make the turn, as they no longer have priority.

"This was discussed with Corbridge Parish Council and the local Ward Member who were all in agreement with the proposals.

"There are give way lines and signs for traffic on Hill St and there is "new road layout" warning signs up too."