Pupils showcase artwork they made during the during the pandemic for the first time.

On Monday, June 4, Queen Elizabeth High School pupils gathered to celebrate the once, annual and popular event, which was canceled due to Covid, at The Queen's Hall in Hexham.

The pupils and teachers named the event - Exhibition: RETURN, as many students were returning to present their work that was never seen in public due to the pandemic.

Former pupil, 20-year-old textile design student, Ellen Stith returned to Hexham from Nottingham Trent University to see her art piece 'Now you sea it', which focuses on things found at the beach.

She said: "It feels like I have finally completed school as at the start of Covid everything was fine and then suddenly we had 'finished' school.

"It was very abrupt and everything we had to do was on digital AND we just had to submit coursework and our art teacher gave us a grade.

"But seeing it on display and finally showing people my work that I have worked hard on is a great feeling."

William Pym, QEHS Art Teacher, and exhibition organiser adds: "It has been quite a moving experience putting up this show, so many fantastic ex-students have brought their work back and some helped us install the exhibition.

"Hearing of their difficulties and triumphs and seeing the amazing work they have gone onto make shows the scale of their school achievement and afterward on courses all across the country - all affected by the wretched Pandemic.

"It is a great return for the school to be exhibiting again and starting to make the all-important art connections for our current cohorts of students, with their local gallery and for them to see the amazing creative career paths that will soon be available to them as well.

"We have already had some great feedback from the Queens Hall visitors who are often astonished by the work that comes from the young creatives of Hexham – it is a tribute to them."

The work will be available to the public 24th June – July 16th.